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  • Asyra Computerized Health Assessment
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          Enzyme Solutions

                  Autonomic Nervous System
                   Bowel Elimination
                   Diet Formulas
                   Digestion Formulas
                   Endocrine System
                   Inflammation Formulas
                   Immune System Formulas
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                         All enzymes in this line have a guaranteed potency according to Dr. Loomis’ specifications. They only
                         use GMP standard enzymes and herbs. With his extensive knowledge of plant enzymes and their specific
                         action, Dr. Loomis has created formulas that provide the correct pH environment for enzymatic action
                         and enhanced bio-availability of nutrients.

            Homeopathic Remedies: 
               Physica Energetics
               Signature Remedies (personalized based on your profile)

             Weight Loss

              OmniCleanse Detox Diet 
             Foot Detox using Body Cleanse by G-Tech

                  An ionic foot detox is a device that allows trapped toxins to be
                  released through the feet which have 250,000 sweat glands. A foot
                  detox works through the use of ionized water which is water charged
                  with both positive and negative ions through the use of  distilled water,
                  salt and electricity.  As the toxins are drawn out the water changes color
                  as shown in the picture.  This system has five different settings capable
                  of selecting the appropriate detox specific to your needs.